Clinics Now Available in the Eastern US!

If you ever wanted to learn or be instructed in the Filipino martial arts, and to understand their vast knowledge and wisdom -- NOW is the TIME!

Taught in a step-by-step manner. As taught by Grand Tuhon Leo GajÈ, jr.

These Southeast Asian arts are hidden within your own particular system, but with a different approach and expression. The Filipino arts are considered in themselves as a "Graduate Degree Study" of the martial arts leading to a Ph.D..

Areas of Learning Include:

• Single Stick System (Solo Baston)
• Double Stick System (Doblé Baston)
• Stick & Knife (Espada y Daga)
• Knife vs. Knife (Daga y Daga)
• Dumog (grappling)
• Pangumut (Hand to Hand introductions) Highest area of concentration in Pekiti-Tirsia.
• Footwork
• Stick (Baston) Exercises (technique development, control, switching coordination, striking angle development, wrist, shoulder and forearm dexterity).

This is only a portion of the twelve complete systems within the complete Pekiti-Tirsia system itself. All of the above are a complete, singular system of study and knowledge in and of itself.

The technique of strategic sparring - total strategy - under Live Blade Conditions (knife or sword) can only be done without serious injury by astutely qualified individuals of the Ph.D.. degree category. This is the final and highest stage of knowledge and understanding in the Pekiti-Tirsia Kali Systems resulting in total wisdom in the martial arts.

The Pekiti-Tirsia System's adherents live by a single philosophy and motto:

We believe only in Life not in Death
We believe only in Health and not in Sickness
We believe only in Success not in Failure

May peace and blessings be upon all who consider this notice.

Note: All serious inquiries should consider direct training in the Philippines under the foremost teachers of Kali. Headed by Grand Tuhon Leo T. GajÈ, jr. This offer is by invitation only, and requires attendance to the above programs. The First Trip is planned for August 2004. Plan now to attend by saving and training. Full instructor candidate program available.


If you would like information on how you can host a Pekiti-Tirsia Kali seminar please contact Guro AK, or any of the other Pitbulls.