Our Curriculum

The Pitbulls are given the full use of the technology from the traditional basic 64 attacks to the advanced use of the Seguidas and contradas as inserts in the combative functions with the use of the Tri-V Formula applicable from the A-V Formula of the Contra Tirsia Dubla Doz to B-V Formula of The Tirsia methodology and the C-V Formula of the Tirsia Puntadas.

These three components of the TRI-V FORMULA QUALIFIES THE PITBULLS to fight for the combative Sports in all aspects of full contact fighting. From the stick fighting to knife fighting to non-weaponry( empty hand) to full ground control.

The Pekiti-Tirsia Pitbulls training programs includes all the rudiments of the pekiti-tirsia infighting techniques with the use of the footwork strategies, weapons strategies, ranging strategies, short and long weapons, from edged to impact weapon strategy and tactical attacks and counter attacks.

The Pekiti-Tirsia Pitbulls instructors are real masters with the qualifications to teach and fight in defense of Grand Tuhon and the System and to honor the great grandmasters of the system with the intention to honor them and to preserved the technology now and the future use for survival.