AK Boouraca began his studies over twenty five years ago with aikido and judo. Since 1976 he has studied and taught the Filipino martial art od Pekiti-Tirsia Kali as a first generation direct student of the art's founder, Grand Tuhon Leo T. Gajé, Jr. Guro Boouraca has formerly taught the art along with Bill McGrath at the Majapahit Kali School in New York City.

He also holds an instructor's rank in the Indonesian art of penchak silat under Pendekar Suriadi (Eddie) Jaffri. Guro Boouraca has studied and taught the penchak silat styles of pangyang (4 stepping), cimandi (first art), harimal (tiger) and buataju (& year fist).

Guro Boouraca was the co-instructor for the first NYPD Auxiliary Police Arnis training program. He has taught his art at Oneonta State University and Pace University. He has worked as a personal trainer at the prestigious New York City fitness center, The Vertical Club. His background in law enforcement and security work add to his understanding of the reality of combat and edged weapons defense.

Guro Boouraca believes, "Sensitivity to another's energy and intentions is the key to success in the martial arts" - One of his special talents is teaching how to develop this sensitivity